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OneNote – take the best notes!

OneNote will help you to prepare notes. Watch the film about the possibilities offered by this programme.

The film shows the functions available in OneNote and their application in notetaking. The topics include the visual appearance of a notepad, the differences in functions between the programme in the Microsoft 365 cloud and the software installed on your computer as well as the structure of notes.

The film instructs you how to take notes, i.e. how to add links, paste in graphics or text photographs, insert forms, use hand writing or drawing, record a sound or video file and include it in OneNote. The film also presents the function of dictation and ways of highlighting contents.

The demonstration is carried out by Ms Joanna Dzięglewska, MSc, an Assistive Technology Specialist at the Jagiellonian University  Accessibility Centre and a member of the team of the Responsible Support and Sustainable Development project.

Each film includes a Polish soundtrack with English subtitles.

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