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Forest app – plant your own forest!

If you continue to be distracted by social media and keep looking at your phone, try out this application and wait until your forest grows! 

The film shows how to use Forest, an app supporting concentration. You will find out how to set the concentration time, choose a plant and take care of it so that it does not wither, what the deep concentration mode is and how to check statistics. You will also discover that the app may be installed in a simple way as an add-on for Chrome – you will find out how to do it and what you can gain. Check it out yourself!

The demonstration, using the computer and phone screen, is carried out by Ms Katarzyna Pyryt, an Assistive Technology Specialist at the Jagiellonian University  Accessibility Centre and a member of the team of the Responsible Support and Sustainable Development project.

Each film includes a Polish soundtrack with English subtitles.

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