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Accessible PowerPoint presentations

Watch the film to find out how to make a presentation accessible for everyone, including visually impaired people.

The film shows how to make accessible PowerPoint presentations. The topics include:

  • Graphics – How to add an alternative text or mark visuals as decorative in  Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Templates – What to focus on when choosing templates and how to adjust them
  • Reading Order – What is it and how to set the right reading order for slide elements
  • Check Accessibility tool – What is it and how to use it
  • Slide title – How to add a hidden slide title
  • Saving in the PDF format – Which options to choose when saving the presentation in the PDF format

The demonstration is carried out by Ms Katarzyna Pyryt, an Assistive Technology Specialist at the Jagiellonian University  Accessibility Centre and a member of the team of the Responsible Support and Sustainable Development project.

Each film includes a Polish soundtrack with English subtitles.

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