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About the portal

Welcome to the DORADA portal. Please, make yourself at home here and use the materials which have been created for you, students and the entire academic community. 

This portal includes many interesting popular science materials that will help you in your personal development and learning.

So far, we have published articles focusing, among others, on mental health prophylaxis, coping with stress and addictions, building social relationships, seeking psychological support, taking care of your health and sense of well-being. They will provide you with valuable insights, useful both in your study and life outside university. New articles expanding the above topics to include such areas as  supporting work-life balance or effective methods of learning and time organisation will be published here on a regular basis.

DORADA also includes ten short educational films in the form of vlogs explaining how various learning support applications and programmes work. You will find them under the ‘Videos' tab.

A photo of a women with open arms facing sun

If you would like to identify your talents or strengths/weaknesses, you may do a short self-test which will help you to determine your attitude towards learning. Self-tests are a form of a psychological game helping you to discover, among other things, whether you are creative or addicted to the Internet, whether you have a problem with procrastination or whether mind maps are for you.

If you prefer to browse the contents on your mobile phone, you can download the DORADA mobile application, which will enable you to access the materials in a convenient way.

We would like DORADA to become a base of knowledge for various academic communities, as well as an inspiration to search for more information on the topics presented here.

DORADA was primarily created to support students, including persons with various needs and disabilities, in their study, education and personal development.

The portal was developed as part of the project ‘Responsible support and sustainable development’ co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund, the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development. 

Feel free to join us! 

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